World of skirting boards

What are they?

The skirtingboard is an architectural wooden board. These are used in carpentry and designing of pillars and roofs. They have great value because of their structure and they have molding ability. Many people use them for different reasons and they can last for a very long time. These boards have a lot of history behind them. You can see them in old palaces.

Types of boards

There are many types. They have different names because of type of wood used and size. They can be molded in different sizes and lengths. Some of the examples are as follows

Depending on the density.

1. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF): it consists of nine percent of resin glue urea-formaldehyde, the wood fiber of eighty-two percent and paraffin wax as one percent and eight percent of water. These are brown in color and has medium density. These are commonly used boards. Medium tensile strength.

2. Ultralight MDF plate: These are similar to MDF but weighs thirty percent less. You can mold them easily. Your tool will not feel much pressure. Simple yet good. Very low tensile strength and easy to transport them.

3. High-Density Fiberboard: these are very hard and strong. Difficult to mold. Can weigh ten times more than medium density fiberboard. Useful in the construction of houses and buildings. They have high tensile strength and rigidity factor. Transportation is difficult and costly.

Depending on wood:

You can make them from so many types of trees. They have different specifications depending on the tree and combination of glue and sawdust used. Few of such examples are oak tree fiberwood, pine tree fiberwood, and walnut, tulip, ash, maple, beech etc.

The need and supply

As skirtingwood is an engineered wood, it has many applications and significance. Oakwood is most popular one. Molding and delivering them is easy depending on your demand. These are very popular in design. They can last very long. Need and supply ratio is definitely good. You can buy them any time of the year.